Saturday, August 2, 2008

One Degree of Separation (aka Why I Loved This Year's RWA Conference, Part I)

Okay, so, lots and lots and lots of fun things happened at this year's conference for me, but I only have time to add tidbits each day.

Highlight #1: Meeting M&B Author Trish Wylie

Trish Wylie writes for both Harlequin Romance and Modern Heat and, of course, I wanted to meet her because I adore both lines. But, I had an ulterior motive, what I call the one degree of separation.

Before going to the conference, Trish took a trip to ComicCon in San Diego. And who did she meet?

Well, I don't know if she actually met him, but she was close enough to take the above picture. Check out her blog, she has other pictures from the conference. And great writing tips as well.

Trish was very nice and it was a joy to meet her. Thanks for humoring me, Trish.

BKB :-)

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