Friday, February 18, 2011

A Month of Focus

I've decided to try something I've never done before: take a month to focus on one story. Eat, sleep and write characters for one story only. It's always about the characters, so I'm wondering how a story will develop if I just focus.

Feb 19th-Mar 20th. 30 days. One story.

Let's see what happens when my characters have nothing to do but hang around in my brain. Scary thought, huh?

Abbi :-)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Not My Baby, No Way -- Part Four

Continuing with my ongoing efforts to put my work out there, I have two posts up this week. The first was a 250 word challenge by author Janet Tronstad on the e-harlequin blog. The short short is titled Dr. Millam's Valentine.

The second should be posted on Valentine's Day as part of a competition to win a mentor for a month. I will post an exact link when it is up.

My next Not My Baby event: subbing.

I hope everyone is healthy and happy.

Abbi :-) 191 days

Friday, February 4, 2011

Decisions . . .

It's decision time again for me. And it's not something as simple as which line do I want to write for.

If you haven't seen it, there's been some exciting news in my household this week. My husband has been selected to be a Vice President with Michigan State University.

It was an easy decision. Mark's worked hard to get to this point. But, in life, love and marriage, something's gotta give, right?

Do you give up time with your two beautiful boys? Do you give up time with your husband when he's hardly ever home?

This isn't about the craft of writing but writing is a balancing game. Your first book isn't going to let you leave the day job. Maybe not even the second, third or fourth.

When I'm moving around on the floors of the ICU, the choices are hard, what's less important gets moved to the bottom. Sometimes, that's your meal for the shift.

My question is: Are your dreams worth putting at the bottom of the list? What if you aren't sure you know what direction you want to take that dream?

No answers. Just alot of hope and faith on this end.

No, I'm not going to quit writing, but I may have to cut down on eating for awhile. :-)