Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Inspiration from Others

Well, I really should call this post “All Hail Maisey, Day 2” for the first person in my short contemp. critique group to get The Call.

Maisey is now a author with Harlequin Presents/M&B Modern. Read her call story at her blog here. Congratulations, Maisey!

All of the excitement yesterday made me think about inspiration. Inspiration from others heading in the same direction as you. Being able to not just look at each other's work but also to talk about day-to-day life.

For the past year or so that I have been with this group, Maisey, Robyn, Jane, Jilly and Aideen have kept writing while waiting -- patiently waiting. Maisey never lost faith in her writing.

I am grateful to be part of a group whose writing seems to flow right onto the pages. Mine takes a bit of cajoling, fighting and screaming, but it gets there. And, I keep telling myself at some point, mine will do the same.

(And, to be honest, I am in two critique groups. Both provide inspiration in their own way.)

So, my advice to others: find a critique partner or group that will inspire you to keep moving forward.

In the meantime, go over and congratulate, Maisey, M&B’s newest author.

BKB :-)