Friday, September 12, 2008


Well, I submitted my entry for the Mills&Boon Feel the Heat competition today.

The title: Tamed by the Brazilian
Word Count: 4727 words

Off to keep working on the book. Okay, maybe not today. I need to clean my office.



  1. Hi Barbara,

    Decided to pop over to cheer you on. Well done on your submission, you must be feeling wonderful. I love the title too by the way, very evocative.
    Would you mind terribly if I asked what your esteemed editor thought of your chapter when it was polished and ready to go?
    I can't even get my husband to take me seriously when I mention the desire to write so I'm quite jealous of yours taking the time to read and edit it.

    Irish luck flying to you,

  2. Aideen,

    Great to see you here! I love your picture of Viggo.

    My husband works in government relations, so he does alot of writing and editing everyday. When he reads my story he looks at structure, grammar and word usage. I have a habit of sometimes using the wrong words for the situation. But, that is getting better.

    Let me preface this with I don't always take his comments. It is the same way with my critique group. (No one in my critique group is pursuing category romance.) I think writing is alot about judgment as well.

    He liked the final draft and agreed with me that is was better than my first submission to the Instant Seduction contest. I was targeting MH then, as well.

    Good luck to you Aideen, as well.

    Just remember that as hard as it is now, I think it is just as hard for the authors who are published. It is never an easy process.

    Barbara :-)

  3. Aideen,

    If you want, send your e-mail address in a comment. I moderate them, so I can delete it when I receive it. But, then we can talk via e-mail if you want.

    I have two boys, so I don't know how you do it with 4!


  4. Hi Barbara,

    I'm back. And with a huge question...I'm just about to hit send but I'm not sure if I'm to attach the chapter as a word file or paste it into the body of the email. Help me please, I'm the pits at this computer stuff.


  5. Aideen,

    Send it as an attachment. Do not paste it into the body of the e-mail. That would be a mess.

    Also, I sent you an e-mail to your e-mail address.

    Glad to hear you are ready to send!