Friday, September 26, 2008

The Highs and Lows of Technology

The Highs

I've grown to love all of the new technology that is available to us. I have an iPod, which I use to listen to music and watch favorite TV shows. I can actually carry an episode around with me and watch it. When I was a kid, there was no way you could do that. Unless, of course, you wanted to carry a VCR and TV set with you as well.

Yesterday, my sister sent me a Kindle for my birthday. She knows that I love to read, but that I also don't like to have so many books lying around. I LOVE IT!!!!!

My first purchase: Surgeon Prince, Ordinary Wife by Melanie Milburne. I swear I read the first chapter faster than I have ever read a chapter before. Plus, the writing was great. Loved the h/h first meet!

There are alot more things you can do with a Kindle and I will try to get to that later . . .

And even though I have been on for a couple of months, I started twittering this week.

I learned about twitter from Alison Kent years ago but never started following until I learned David Hewlett (techy geek of Stargate: Atlantis) was on twitter. The man is hilarious. So if you want to laugh from time to time, pick him up on Twitter.

Even Harlequin is on Twitter.

Now The Lows

Well, there's really only one. Because of Twitter, I learned of the demise of SG:A. :-( And the last episode finished filming over a week ago.

What will replace Atlantis? Not sure, but I will let you know. It will live on for me on my iPod.

BKB :-)

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