Friday, January 7, 2011

What I Learned in 2010

Can you believe how fast 2010 zoomed by? And now we're over a week into 2011. Before June hits, I thought I'd share a few things I learned from ole' 2010.

Openings Aren't Really Meant to Be Melodramatic

Yes, it's good to have a dramatic opening. But, mine tend to be melodramatic or over-dramatic. Time to tone it down.

Have Faith

Faith in yourself and what you're doing is important, bottom line. If you don't have it, you can't get to where you want to be.

Choose a Path and Stick With It

This is a hard one for me because I am an idea person. I have ideas for everything. But, they all can't be done at once. Truth be told, I'll probably only accomplish one or two of my original ideas in my lifetime. Writing is about branding yourself and you can't brand in seven different directions.

Be Positive No Matter What

I tend to be an upbeat person. I'm happy with life. I'm happy no matter who wins. And many times people don't appreciate or they question my perkiness. It used to bother me. I felt like an outcast. No more.

We Need Another Star Trek or Stargate spin-off

I hesitate to say this because I really didn't like Stargate: Universe. But, there is nothing on TV and I'm starting to become amused by some of the shows on Nickelodeon. Yes, that scares me.

Which leads to my next lesson . . .

June 29, 2012 is Still TOO FAR AWAY

Don't know what happens on this day? I'll give you a hint. A certain sequel hits the theaters.

I Have an Awesome Critique Group

I don't know where I'd be if I wasn't with the Sassy Sisters.

What did you learn in 2010?


  1. I like your perkiness :) Get rid of those other people lol. You could brand yourself under seven pseudonyms... don't ask me how you'd keep them all straight though.

  2. Sounds like you learnt some fab lessons! Good luck in 2011!

  3. Thanks, Lacey! You're right, I probably could if I didn't have two boys to chase, a husband and a part-time job.

    Rach, I think 2011 is going to be a great year for you. Fingers crossed.

    Abbi :-)

  4. Hi Abbi
    Have you decided which path to travel and which brand to go for. Do you remember a really, REALLY long time ago I read one of yours that had a political/white house slant. I really enjoyed that...
    Right there with you for Star Trek and Stargate. The official term for Stargate Universe is MINCE. And whilst I love fellow Scot Robert Carlisle, the truth is, he doesn't belong. He's not Jack and he's not Colonel John either.
    I'm still dreaming of the movie every night where I'm Jean Luc Picard's daughter and wreaking havoc around the universe with Q. Come to think of it, Q could help me time travel back into Captain Kirk's arms. Mmmm, I sense a new dream.
    By the way, signed up at Savvyauthors for an editing course and out of 96 participants, around 80ish all seem to be writing in the paranormal field.
    Find that really interesting as although I'm a sci-fi freak I've never got into the paranormal books. Are we missing a trick here?
    Sorry for the long post - should have emailed you! xx

  5. Hey, Susan,

    You have me laughing. Thank you. I'm not surprised by the paranormal. If I wrote anything, I think it would be something similar to Atlantis/Trek.

    I'm going to e-mail you w/ the other details. Always good to hear from you.

    Abbi :-)

  6. Oh, one more thing Susan. I know you liked the Senator story, but it didn't do well in contests. it wasn't pretty.

  7. Having faith in what you do is important isn't it? Sigh, that's pretty much my goal for ALL of 2011 since I didn't have very much for 2010. It's hard thought. I guess that's where the staying positive comes in...:-)

  8. Jackie, you do have faith in your writing or you would've stopped. Can't wait to see what's up next for you.

    I think 2011 is going to be an exciting year!

  9. Hi Abbi!
    You're great! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise! Fingers crossed 2011 is your year!

  10. Thanks, Wendy! We will see what happens . . . :-)