Sunday, February 7, 2010

Which is More Important: The Super Bowl or Caring for the Sick?

A little bit of snow fell this weekend where I live. The main roads are plowed but the side roads, ie., my street haven't been touched.

I work tonight 7p-7a and I had a feeling getting into work would be a problem. I am working on it. Why? Because people will be too busy watching the Super Bowl to help nurses get to hospitals and take care of sick patients.

And, once I get to work, my place of employment can't guarantee I will have a way to get home.

I really hope everyone enjoys the game.

AC :-)

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  1. Oh, just a little bit of snow eh? Made the papers in NZ so it must have been just a small dump.
    Hope work isn't too stressful! And that there's someone over there not watching the Superbowl!