Thursday, July 30, 2009

Names . . . and The Stubborn One

Okay, so this guy is no longer Derek Payne.

His new name is . . . Hayden Kendall. Well, the name will stay that way at least until I finish the story.

And, now, The Stubborn One

That would be me, of course. Even though my pitch to an M&B editor went horribly, I am still determined to continue to submit. Plus, I can't not enter the Instant Seduction contest. I've entered each one since they started. I haven't placed, but I have learned alot.

BKB :-)


  1. Barbara, LOVE the name Hayden. Great pick. And good for you for coming out swinging! As far as getting published is concerned, I've decided persistence is too tame a word. We need to be TOO STUBBORN TO QUIT!

    TSTQ - I think I'll go have that printed on a t-shirt.


  2. LOL, Amy! I have to agree with you on that one! TSTQ will be my new motto. Thanks for suggesting it.

    And I am glad you like the name Hayden.