Wednesday, November 5, 2008

NaNoWriMo Status

As of today at 3:25pm -- 5226 words.

I am behind by about 3000 words. Ughhhhh.

How is everyone else doing?

Back in a few days.

BKB :-)


  1. Well done on all those words - still 5226 more than a week ago!

    I'm way behind too. 7000ish to date. Am not loving my story as I don't know my characters and am trying not to go back. It's not working, so am thinking about a radical rethink. Aggghhhhh!

    Have a good weekend :-)

  2. Lucy,

    Thanks for the positive view. It is hard to just write. I have a feeling one of my scenes is really bad, but I am going to keep going.

    Added 1856 words today.

    You have a great weekend, too.